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We are Supplier & Manufacturer of 

1 - Chilled Water Plants 

2 - Packaged Drinking Water Plants ( IS :14543 )

3 - Natural Mineral Water Plants ( IS : 13428 ) 

4 - Laboratory set up for BIS/ISI licensing

5 - Resin Based Water Softeners 

6 - Salt Free Water Conditioner 

7 - Online Water Chillers 

8 - Community Drinking Water Plants with water ATM

9- STP & ETP
10 - Pet Jars & Insulated Jars for cold water  

RO Water Plant 

For chilled water RO plants you may select capacity from

250 /500/1000/2000/3000

Liter per hour  

Main Features of our Plants

  • SS Skid Mounted
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Branded Pumps
  • Hi Quality FRP / SS Vessels
  • Hi Quality Sand & Carbom
  • Jumbo Micron Filters
  • Low / High Pressure Trip
  • Hi Quality Membranes
  • Vaccum resistant
  • Lowest Maintenance 
  • UPVC/SS Piping 

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Online Chillers 

For making water chilled / cold you need to install online chiller

it may be of following capacity 

1/2/3/5/10 Ton

Main Features of our Plants

  • Auto Temprature Control
  • Digital Panel
  • With Circulation Pump
  • With Auto Freezer Control
  • Low /High Voltage Trip

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Thermo Jug/Jar

Foe Distribution of cold water you need to buy thermo jugs which may retain chilled Temprature for 8 to 10 hour, it comes in various capacity like 

20/18/15/12/10/5 Liter size 

Main Features of these Jug/jars are 

  • Remain Chilled water for 8-10 hours
  • Long Life
  • Refillable
  • Customized colours availabe
  • Customized Printing can be 

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Other Accessories Required

  • Raw Water Tank
  • Products Water Tanks
  • Chilled Water Circulation Tank
  • MS Stand
  • Civil Work if required
  • Filling Area
  • Washing area

We supply these plants with full set up or individual items as customer decides

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SS RO Plants 

For Packaged Drinking Water IS : 14543
It is required to install SS RO plants as
per norms prescribed by Bureau Of India
Standards  in said standards for going to
install ISI marked water plants you have 
to first decide what packing sizes or mix?
you are wishing to launch in market like
1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 500 ml 200 ml pet bottles,
250 ml pouches, 20 ltr pet bottles etc.
then you may decide whats is your target
market size you wants to capture and 
what should be the installed plant capacity?
We shall assist you to take these all basic 
decisions prior to start water project . 
We also assist you to develop branding and
marketing and distribution network setup
We can supply SS water plants for 
Packaged Drinking Water
from 1000 Liter per hour to 10000 Liter Per
hour capacity 



Chemical & Micro Laboratory

It is mandatory to have Chemical
and Microbiology in-house labs in
your factory premise for production
of Packaged Drinking Water production  

We supplies all Laboratory equipment 
Glassware, chemical and media 
required to BIS licensing  

Packing Machines 

For packing of Drinking Water in 
1 Ltr, 2 ltr, 500 ml,200 ml bottles
you need to have bottling machine 
which may be of different capacity
like 30 bottles per minute to 
90 bottles per minutes as per your 
requirement and for pouch packing 
you need to install pouch machines
which may pack 2000 to 3000 pouches
per hour and for 20 liter bottles
you may need 20 washing and packing
machines as per your

requirement and we supply all there
packing machines for best suited to 
your requirement

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