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JEM INDIA brings you the complete water solutions for Drinking Water Plants For Water Business ,Commercial usage and Industrial and Domestic use as well. Here you will get every thing you need to have to pure water desire for better health and for earning in your business

This web site will give more information on how water affects human beings lives and how important is the water for fore our life and how we make it pure and safe for drinking.

To meet the water purifying needs , We have different models of water Plants & purifiers both standard and customized models as per your source of water & purification needs. 

And to meet industrial water purification needs we have water softeners , Water Conditioner, Water purifiers , Reverse osmosis water filterations systems, water coolers, water dispensers etc 


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Our Products

1 - Chilled Water Plants 

2 - Packaged Drinking Water Plants ( IS :14543 )

3 - Natural Mineral Water Plants ( IS : 13428 ) 

4 - laboratory set up for BIS/ISI licensing

5 - Resin Based Water Softeners 

6 - Salt Free Water Conditioner 

7 - Online Water Chillers 

8 - Community Drinking Water Plants with water ATM

9- STP & ETP 
10 - Pet & insulated Thermo Jars